I’m amazed with the staff. I’ve visited and worked in nursing facilities. My mother 95 is getting warm and good care while having therapy after a partial hip replacement. My mother was an RN and is usually critical of facilities. She keeps saying Beachside is nice and clean. It is. They have a very nice patio that allows you to enjoy the ocean breeze. This is used a lot for visiting. The staff is conscientious and caring. At the same time they take time to get to know the patients and bring joy to their life. The place is well maintained. This place was highly recommended by professionals.

Kate Y.


I’d give Lomita Post-Acute Care Center 10 stars or more, but I’m only given 5. My grandfather was here in 2002 and I can’t say I was disappointed one bit. They have set visiting hours & sometimes by the time I’d get off work it would be past the hours. They were extremely flexible and allowed me to come visit anyway. When it was his birthday they allowed us to bring him birthday jello (wasn’t allowed dairy) and sing to him. The staff was great, the administrator is a god-send and made the transition for us smooth as can be. My grandma and I were visiting one day and she had a diabetic attack. The staff went above and beyond to care for her by bringing her a chair, catching her so she didn’t do a face plant, brought her orange juice, and cared for her until she felt well enough to stand on her own and go home. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PLACE AND TO ENTRUST THEM WITH THE CARE OF YOUR LOVED ONE.

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Thanks to all of you for the dedication, professional efficiency, compassion, and helpful attitudes and encouragement that you displayed while healing me. It enabled me to get well so soon and have a wonderful recovery. Thanks once again.

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To the wonderful staff at Lomita, I am so appreciative of how supportive and kind you’ve been to my dad all week since he arrived. As I head home to Colorado, I am reassured that we have chosen the right home for dad. Thank you all so much.

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