I’m amazed with the staff. I’ve visited and worked in nursing facilities. My mother 95 is getting warm and good care while having therapy after a partial hip replacement. My mother was an RN and is usually critical of facilities. She keeps saying Beachside is nice and clean. It is. They have a very nice patio that allows you to enjoy the ocean breeze. This is used a lot for visiting. The staff is conscientious and caring. At the same time they take time to get to know the patients and bring joy to their life. The place is well maintained. This place was highly recommended by professionals.

Kate Y.


To ALL who helped care for my mother, Mary Lou, I wish to express my thanks and gratitude to each of you. Mary Lou was well taken care of and quite comfortable in her time spent at Lomita Post-Acute Care Center. If Mary Lou could speak to you now, she would say you are angels. She so admired and respected those who worked in your profession. Keep strong! Thanks again!!

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Many thanks with warm appreciation for all you’ve given: of your time, your energy, and yourself.

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Our heartfelt thanks & appreciation. Karen, Sandra, Patric and the entire family thanks you.

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