Fritz Guiterrez

Director of Nursing

Fritz has worked in a variety of different positions in Skilled Nursing Facilities including CNA, Medical Records Assistant, RN, MDS coordinator and Director of Nursing. Fritz has had an extremely successful career. He has excelled in every position he has worked in in the industry. His success quickly led him to be the Director of Nursing at the very young age of 21. He now has over 9 years of experience in that role. Fritz is a dedicated, thorough and extremely intelligent clinician who believes that each patient should be treated as if they were his own family member. Staff, physicians, and most importantly patients and families feel a tremendous sense of comfort knowing that Fritz is overseeing the care for each patient here at Lomita Post-Acute Care Center. He works very closely with the attending physicians and nurses to ensure that each patient receives that highest level of care and attention. He can often be seen meeting with patients, family members, physicians, and nursing staff throughout the facility. In his spare time Fritz enjoys spending time with his friends and family and walking his pug.